Ray Tracing (AMD RadeonRays 2.0) tutorial(s)


The application run only, if you install the VisualStudio Redistributable .

The application maked C++, OpenGL3.3 and RadeonRays2.0.
The application not have License.

System Requirements: x64 CPU, 512MB RAM, OpenGL3.3 + OpenCL1.2 VGA, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.


Info Image .EXE Source Code
The camera flying around a Tower.
Egy torony, ami körül forog a kamera.
The Shadow maked "VertexLighting".
Download Download
A Rotated House with textured. Full "RadeonRays 2.0" (OpenCL Version) application. Dont have OpenGL. Download Download